59-41 (cont’d)

I forgot. Before Al Franken was seated, which wasn’t until JULY, the Democrats only had 59 votes. Before Arlen Specter switched parties back in April, the Democrats only had 58 votes. Do you mean to tell me that they had no plan to pass meaningful health reform back when they ONLY had a 16-seat edge in the Senate?

What the hell?

And as for the liberal House members who now say they will refuse to rubber-stamp the Senate bill…good for them. Last night, I felt like the Dems ought to salvage something, like a healthcare reform bill. Right now, I feel like the progressives need to salvage their principles, and that means rejecting a bill that fattens the pockets of the insurance companies and does not bring down costs. Or just pass the friggin bill. I don’t friggin know…


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