Five years ago, it would seem like a great premonition to imagine that the Democrats are going to have 59 votes in the Senate, a huge majority in the House, and the Presidency. But suddenly, with the Massachusetts Senate disaster, it’s said that Obama’s agenda is shot and Democrats won’t get anything done. They have an 18-vote advantage in the Senate, and it’s the worst thing ever. It’s as if they’ve always counted on Joe Lieberman’s vote, and they’ve assumed that nonagenarian Robert Byrd would make every vote. It’s hard to believe anyone ever thought that Dems would push through healthcare reform with 60 votes.

Last decade, I remember Bush had 50 votes, and he’d get stuff rammed through.

This Massachusetts Senate debacle, and the tenuous state of healthcare reform are yet more reasons I don’t know why I bother following politics. I constantly stressed out about politics. There is so much disappointment in following politics, so little reward. But I can’t help following politics; I really wish I could.

That’s the end of my rant. I have nothing intelligent to say. I’ve got to turn off MSNBC.

Oh…the House better go ahead and pass the Senate’s crappy bill. At least it’s something. Yes, a few months ago, it sounded spineless to advocate that Obama just “sign something,” but the Dems screwed this all up, and they’ve got to salvage something.


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