2000 vs. 2010

December 31, 1999 – January 1, 2000, Las Vegas:

December 31, 2009 – January 1, 2010, Durham
New Year's Eve '10

I don’t have any editorial. There’s a whole ten years in between those photos. It’s been a blur. I don’t want to string together some words to label the whole decade. Ages 24-34…these would seem to be the prime of my life. I’ll never get these years back. They were not what I wished they would be. I thought I wasn’t going to try to do this…well, I’ll just let the stream-of-consciousness take over…

Big picture…I hoped I’d overcome my demons and be in a good place by now…I’d have that one relationship I’d yearned for…I’d be doing something useful with my life…I’d have stability and support before my kidneys failed…which I didn’t figure would happen until my late 30s…though I thought of ‘age 35’ as the time I better have my sh*t together by. (I suppose I’ve still got a year in that case, although, in that case, I still thought I’d have kidney health).

This is a bad idea, to try to compose on-the-fly what ought to be a well-thought-out essay…I mean, taking the whole friggin decade…well, it’s a good use of the last 28 minutes of the year/decade…I’m not even drinking…I bought some cheap champagne at Target earlier, and I’ve found that I don’t like it…so this is sober writing/rambling…

Let me fill in the ’00-’10 timeframe with some more photos. Photos tend to shine a far more positive light on things than a narrative. I’ll throw in some comments to ensure there’s some balance…

And I’m going to do this quickly, so I’m done by midnight, although I don’t plan to turn on the TV. If I’m going to be alone right now, I’m not going to watch revelers in Times Square (with the stupid local shot of the Raleigh acorn) and Dick Clark smooching his wife.

2000: Blizzard
Aremid with snowy backdop

2001: Duke wins Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament
Celebrating in front of bonfire

2002: H & C wedding, Tupelo, MS
Brothers + SOs

2003: I live in God-lovin’ Knoxville, TN
Aremid in Knoxville

2004: Y & L’s wedding, Kauai, HI
Kauai Sunset

2005: D & S’s wedding, Cincinnati, OH; always the groomsman…
101_0216 (2)

2006: Herman!
Me and the best part of my 31st year

2007: M & S’s wedding, Capon Springs, WV
Toastie atop Capon Springs

2008: San Francisco
above the blue and windy sea

2009: Swapping hybrids
Dead PriusToastie Insight

Oh…I turned on the TV and saw Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark and about forty seconds is all I can take..where’s that champagne?


One thought on “2000 vs. 2010

  1. If it’s any consolation, I spent the entire afternoon/evening cleaning the closet & doing lots of laundry… then came downstairs to watch a confusing combination of martial arts film/New Year’s countdown (someone else was holding the remote).
    At 12:05, I corralled the kids and woke this morning to find I’d fallen asleep too early to get text messages at 12:11, 12:22, and 12:30.

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