I hate, hate, hate this movie

(500) Days of Summer
8/10 (objective rating)

1/10 (rating inversely proportional to how crappy the film made me feel)


3 thoughts on “I hate, hate, hate this movie

  1. I’d like to see the kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun all grown up, but after this review…
    http://thefbomb.org/2009/08/500-days-of-summer-is-revenge-disguised-as-a-cute-indie-movie/ (bear in mind, it’s a teen’s blog)
    …I had decided I’d wait for something else.

    Your 8/10 and 1/10 ratings are identical to mine for ‘Marley & Me’. I previewed it for the kids (who will not see it), came downstairs bawling, and the Babaloo asked what was wrong. My response? “Eff ‘Marley & Me’!” 😡

  2. @ACW – I don’t think the film is going overboard in bashing women specifically. I think the same story could be told with the genders reversed. The point is that sensitive, romantic types can get hurt horribly because they can’t calibrate their feelings for relationships where the partner wants no commitment and feelings are never quite reciprocated. I think I’d have liked the movie more if I were in a successful relationship and could laugh more at what the protagonist was enduring.

    @Valerie – I have heard good things about Ramp Champ. I already waste a lot of time with Skee Ball and Peggers but I’ll probably get Ramp Champ at some point.

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