My filter of the world

ATC Noir

I’ve got nothing, as far as anything to write about. I’m in a bit of blank mood. I’m filled with…resignation. I’ve got a birthday in a few days, and I’d rather not think about it. It feels like it’s been a waste of a year. But this is a common feeling for me. I won’t expound on this right now.

As for the photo, it’s one of many recent iPhone-taken photos, to which I applied a Mill Colour filter. Mill Colour is an iPhone app that uses techniques from The Mill, “an award-winning visual effects company”. I’ve never quite understood how photo effects work. I just know that I like the results this app provides. I’d probably have better photos if I had the 3GS, but I’ve just got the 3G.

One of these days, I’ll have some write-up of the iPhone apps I’ve liked. My iPhone has definitely been a source of enjoyment over the last few months. I just received some iTunes gift cards, so I’ll be looking for to adding some nifty apps in the next few days.

Hmm…this photo might just represent how I see the world. Most other people see it like this


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