Note to DaVita #2

Last month, I posted a hypothetical note to DaVita, which spawned a real note with somewhat less-inflammatory language.

The following text is almost verbatim the text of an email I just sent personnel there. It came in response to a patronizing email suggesting that I look into a support group to deal with the stress of work and dialysis.

“My work situation is besides the point when it comes to my dissatisfaction with my dialysis treatment. My main gripe with my treatments is likely something you cannot do anything about. All in all, there is a culture among the staff at DaVita that demonstrates a blatant disregard for the comfort of patients. The nocturnal dialysis shift, in particular, should be quiet and peaceful, but it is often anything but. The volume of conversation is completely inappropriate. There is no attempt to modulate voices or movements to account for the simple fact that patients that ARE TRYING TO REST. Staff moves about, practically stomping on the floor to the point that my bed vibrates. Staff acts like this is happy hour at a bar rather than a sensitive patient environment. I observe this every session and am completely dumbfounded as to how Davita can tolerate this behavior. And I cannot imagine that I can tolerate it much longer, let alone potentially YEARS.

I do not think I am unreasonable to expect a PROFESSIONAL environment, where SINCERE efforts are made to limit noise and disruption and disregard for patients’ well-being.

When I have to begin my day with the chaos in that room, IT RUINS MY DAY.

I’ll name names—***************. She shouldn’t be allowed to work the evening shift—period. I don’t want her sticking me, and I don’t want her within 1000 feet of my bed. And then about half of the first shift staff come in with seemingly a complete disregard for the patients coming off nocturnal. It’s a zoo. But, CLEARLY, Davita tolerates this, because I cannot imagine I am the first person to ever raise these issues.

This is not an issue of ME HAVING TROUBLE GETTING USED TO DIALYSIS. This is a systematic problem with DaVita West. I don’t need a support group. I need DaVita West to shape up…or I need to get out of there.

Yes, I am indeed very upset”.


3 thoughts on “Note to DaVita #2

  1. Great letter, Toastie! When medical personnel try to pull that “Go get counseling” crap it infuriates me, too. I think your points are valid, and your tone in the letter quite appropriate.

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