More requisite pet pics to change the tone

If I were to write anything about anything, it would be quite bleak, more of the same from the weekend. For a little hint of how bleak, I’ll acknowledge that it’s a Monday night, and I’m not at dialysis, for no other reason than that I don’t want to be.

Anyway, enough writing. The other two critters that weren’t represented yesterday…

Happy Aremid for November

A Happy Herman for November


One thought on “More requisite pet pics to change the tone

  1. David, I know dialysis sucks, I have been having a tough time with my fluid weight gains.

    I was disappointed not seeing you last night, but I “get” wanting to take a night off. I went absolutely bonkers when I was on home hemo and told them I needed to take a night or two off during the week.

    Please be there on Wednesday night or work something out for daytime. Call me if you need to talk about it.


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