Updating my tally of charitable contributions to the community

I wrote in August about the various thefts from my porch and yard over the past few years. I need to update the tallies. A bunch of yard tools I previously had covered by a tarp in my backyard have now disappeared. I think the tarp was a good deterrent for most of the past year. Unfortunately, when a storm blew the tarp off a few weeks back, I didn’t bother to put it back.

I really don’t want to spend the money for a shed. I think I’ll see if there is a storage bench that is long enough to fit things like rakes and shovels.

Tally of charitable contributions
– 3 plastic rakes (newly taken, 1 rake)
– 1 metal rake (new)
– 1 hoe (new)
– 1 metal toothed-cultivating thingey (new)
– 1 shovel
– 2 semi-working vacuums
– 1 corded hedge-trimmer
– 1 cordless weed-whacker

Total instances of theft: 7
Approximate value of items: $250
Time elapsed: 3 years


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