Note to DaVita

Dear DaVita:

You do not tell me I have a spot on the overnight shift, and, after I arrive on time and start dialyzing late due to your staff’s inefficiencies, tell me at 6AM after a typically unpleasant morning, that I need to hurry up and get moving because there’s a woman in the lobby who wants to get started. Do not *#*$(#$*#( do that again, please.

You don’t tell a surgeon to hurry up sewing so the next operation can get ready or a school bus driver to speed up so the kids aren’t late. Don’t tell a dialysis patient who’s just had all his blood drained overnight to hurry up getting his stuff off the bed because your center plans poorly.

Got it?



2 thoughts on “Note to DaVita

  1. David,

    I completely agree! For what dialysis costs per month, I take my own sweet time. If they really need it, they can come over and fold my sheets for me. Do something productive rather than just sit and complain.

    I realize they have a schedule, but the reality is, so do I, do they think I like coming to dialysis? I feel like cattle sometimes, just moving along.

    I don’t want to be there, I go because I must, I know you feel the same way. By the way, did you call CMC yet?


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