Interwebs collide

I’ll be quite honest. I had no intention of expanding promotion of my blog over Facebook this past weekend. I’ve always been very sensitive about disclosing my blog to people, because I have not been so sensitive about the contents that wind up in my blog. People may have stumbled upon my blog through one means or another, like my Flickr profile or Twitter account, but I was not comfortable thrusting my blog contents upon most of my Facebook friends. It’s awkward for coworkers or new friends or long-ago friends to see you in varying shades of despair, frustration, anger, and gloom. I presume it is awkward for them; I know it is awkward for me. So it was not my intention to simply syndicate my blog to all who see me on Facebook.

My machinations backfired. A friend wanted a link I had written about, that had failed to appear in my “imported note”, where I had been using Facebook’s import-blog-to-notes feature. I often noticed that this feature would not cleanly bring over posts. So I went with this app called NetworkedBlogs. I realized that my security settings didn’t take effect.

I’m not going to put the genie back into the bottle. To anyone who is feeling awkward for reading more than you wanted to know about me, I’m sorry. To anyone who might take it personally, that you couldn’t previously read some of these things, I’m sorry. At the end of the day, I care a lot about what others think of me, and my blog, for the most part, paints an unflattering portrait. What’s done is done.


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