Photosets: Bad & Ugly, Good, and Good

Recent dialyis photos

I’m posting with the point that I look horrible here, but I’m unsure of what the greater point is beyond that. Perhaps it’s that I feel like this most of the time even if I don’t quite look this zombie-like. Showing just a small thumbnail, so curious types click on a larger view.

Then here’s one of the bruising. You probably don’t want to see how bad it is, so just don’t click on the image.

Herman at Duke Gardens, last month

Herman @Duke Garden September '09Herman @Duke Garden September '09Herman @Duke Garden September '09Herman @Duke Garden September '09

Aremid tonight

Aremid perch 2Aremid perch 3Aremid perch 4

Aremid perch 5Aremid perch 6Aremid perch 7

Aremid perch 8Aremid perch 9Aremid perch 10


One thought on “Photosets: Bad & Ugly, Good, and Good

  1. Whoa, ouch, looks like they missed/went through the backside of your fistula over and over with the needle. Jenn’s arm looked like that after a few failed attempts to find her fistula. You might have to mark where it works so they can find it the next time. You may want to do exercises to make your fistula pop out more, which is kind of hard to do with a bruise. Good luck. Will they let you self cannulate?

    Neat picture of Aremid yawning.

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