Toastie’s Interests – Today vs. 5 yrs ago

I stumped upon this old LJ entry from August 2004 in which I reported what I had specified in the Interests section of my LiveJournal profile. I pretty much operate under the cyncical belief that I have no interests in 2009. I am paralyzed whenever someone asks me what my interests are. I shall go through the following 5-year-old list and see if anything can be salvaged or easily added. I will spend no more than 5 minutes on this. (Ok, I spent about 10). The numbers in parentheses correspond to the number of LJ users who shared the interest.

<lj -cut text="How common are my interests in August 2004“?>
How common are toastie97’s [old LJ screenname] interests

animals (121542)
cats (177703)
photography (322719)

add: dogs

beer (65422)
politics (78071)
psychology (87344)
sarcasm (68445)
the simpsons (73745)

Beer, psychology, Simpsons? nice to say, but not so accurate anymore

buffy (33962)
buffy the vampire slayer (36275)
democrats (10936)
hawaii (16168)
procrastination (14166)
simpsons (33809)
six feet under (17416)
the daily show (13147)

A bit out-dated, but interests still luke-warm or better

agnostic (2155)
al franken (2014)
bagels (6663)
bookstores (7808)
carbs (1249)
curb your enthusiasm (3318)
days of our lives (3767)
duke (1336)
gmail (1373)
howard dean (2003)
janeane garofalo (2002)
john kerry (5346)
jon stewart (9056)
liberals (6391)
love actually (6569)
movie soundtracks (1917)
my cats (3011)
npr (6985)
scrabble (8424)
soft rock (1104)
trivia (5401)

My interests in Al Fraken, Duke, Days of Our Lives, Janeane Garofalo, and John Kerry have waned. I’m probably more atheist than agnostic.

air america radio (512)
anyone but bush (238)
brooding (775)
duke basketball (537)
duke university (285)
eckhart tolle (71)
entertainment weekly (782)
googling (208)
infps (51)
joe versus the volcano (56)
kauai (325)
kerry/edwards (326)
majority report (16)
melodrama (852)
movie scores (532)
overanalyzing (488)
peter cetera (115)
prius (135)
psi upsilon (56)
randi rhodes (136)
sappy music (83)
scenic views (110)
self-deprecation (451)
splenda (440)
the al franken show (11)
the now (423)
tolerant people (15)
toyota prius (125)

Don’t listen to Air America Radio
Anyone but Bush is irrelevant
Duke basketball and university are passing interests
Eckhart Tolle was a good read for a week 5 years ago
My EW subscription ran out a few years ago
Kerry/Edwards is a duo I give no thought to.
Majority Report was a quality film but not one I’ve ever watched a second time.
Prius – mine passed away
Psi Upsilon – I skip homecoming; whatever that says
Randi Rhodes – stopped listening when she went off the left deep end
The Al Franken Show has been off the air for years, mercifully for all
Tolerant people – not sure what I meant; I think I am a less tolerant person, a function of angst having gone up a few notches

diet a&w (9)
film credits (3)
infp’s (8)
intelligent romantic comedies (3)
leaving new jersey (5)
my radio station (6)
soledad o’brien (6)
toastie radio (3)

Diet A&W – can’t drink because of the phosphates
My radio station – sadly no longer exists
Soledad O’Brien – had made American Morning watchable; nothing on CNN is watchable these days
Toastie Radio – that was my radio station; I killed it


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