Speed sequel filming in Durham?

No? Then why was a DATA bus rumbling 50 MPH down Green Street @Onslow at 5:55PM today? (The speed limit in 25). I’m amazed that DATA hasn’t killed or seriously injured anyone lately.

I need to get involved with Angry Neighbors with Paintball Guns.

(In addition to bringing addition to the speeding problem in Durham, I also hope to call attention to really bad photoshopping).


3 thoughts on “Speed sequel filming in Durham?

  1. Click to access route11.pdf

    Aha. At 5:55, that bus was supposed to be several blocks away, at the downtown station.
    Furthermore, according to Google Maps, it takes approximately 25 minutes to drive the route, end to end, without stops… looks like they need to cut out some stops or lengthen the route schedule.
    Hey, you asked.

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