How Evil Is Medco? I’ll Know Soon Enough…

My employer’s 2010 health benefit changes have been announced. Lots of costs are going up. Here is the most difficult pill to swallow, pun intended:

A new annual deductible of $100 will apply for brand and non-formulary drugs purchased at retail pharmacies. That deductible is waived for prescriptions purchased through the Medco mail delivery program. In addition, those who continue to purchase maintenance prescriptions at retail locations will have a co-pay of 50 percent of the cost of the drug after the first three months.

So, I can keep going to Costco and pay $275 a month for that medication I mentioned a few weeks ago, or I can switch to Medco’s mail-order system. I know some companies force their employees to use mail-order for everything. I’m having trouble embracing this cost-savings though. If there’s a choice between going to a retailer for a product that is vital to my health or getting it online, I want to go visit live people. That’s just me.

In a few months, I won’t really have much of a choice. I recently asked, “How evil is Medco?” and I’ll soon find out. And Costco will sell a lot less chicken bakes.


3 thoughts on “How Evil Is Medco? I’ll Know Soon Enough…

  1. One of the benefits/drawbacks of being a nurse is that I am very familiar with the insurance system. If Medco gives you any trouble just let me know and I’ll smack them around for you. I know a guy.

  2. Ugh, I’m not looking forward to seeing these new changes. And “our” employer has one of the best plans around, too. 😦

  3. I’m mostly worried about having to actually taking the call from the Medco pharmacist the next time she wants to counsel me about my medications, instead of hanging up on her like I did last week.

    I also imagine this change is going to be an annoyance to local physicians, who will have to write a sudden influx of special Medco 3-month prescriptions. (Maybe it is simpler than I’m thinking, but I’m thinking docs don’t need any additional paperwork).

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