Insomniac Dialysis Blogging

I’ve been going to dialysis for a full month now. I’ve been meaning to write a big post on the details of how these dialysis sessions transpire. I’m still not feeling like doing that, however. Apart from the present moment, I tend not to want to think about dialysis outside of the 27 hours a week that I am forced to contemplate it. (With any good fortune, a lot of those hours are spent asleep). The point is, my dialysis schedule wrecks havoc with my schedule, which is may seem moot given I don’t have any productive activities on my schedule, with the exception of work. The recent move to nocturnal dialysis makes interference with work far less of a problem than what I was starting dialysis at 6AM. If only I could afford to come into work at Noon twice a week, I might keep that 6AM schedule, because, to be blunt, I’m not liking the overnight schedule at all. In a nutshell, six out of seven days a week are directly impacted by dialysis. Either my day ends prematurely by having to head over at 9AM, or my day begins anew in a jarring, undignified way between 5 and 6AM. Sunday is the only unscathed day. To be blunt again, I don’t want to “get used to this”. Anyway, more on the whole shebang of dialysis some other time. Perhaps the only upside to dialysis is that I feel like I have a license to be unhappy. The irony is, my aggregate unhappiness has very little do to with dialysis.


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