Toastie History – 30 Years Ago

First person to correctly identify me wins…eternal recognition in the big blog cloud in the sky.

Toastie in Nursery School - 1979

This is nursery school, by the way (I guess they call it pre-K these days).I think this is referred to as pre-school.

I’ve got these albums of photos that have never been digitized. No better time like the present to begin this project. (Well, maybe 5 or 10 years ago, but now is better than later).

UPDATE – Apparently, the Lane Robbins pre-school was founded by the man who has “the longest running national talk radio show“. (I’ve never heard of him until now).


3 thoughts on “Toastie History – 30 Years Ago

  1. I normally suck at these, but oh DANG you look like a little version of you! (In the front row, at right, I mean.)

    So cute with the clasped hands, too. I wonder when photographers stopped asking that of kids?

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