Medications, Food, or a Roof

I’m now on about eight different medications related to my failing kidneys. Most of them are generics, and my copay for those is $10 or less for a one-month supply. I have a couple of brand-name (non-generic) prescriptions; those are $35 each.

One of the brand-name medications in Renvela. It’s a phosphate-binder. Without it, phosphorus will build up in my body, and bone density can be impacted, leading to osteoporosis. I’ve been taking this medication a couple of years now, and my phosphorus remains elevated, probably because I haven’t vigilantly taken the drug as prescribed by my doctor–with every meal and every snack. At this point, I am supposed to take three pills with every meal each day and one with snacks.

My last prescription fill for Renvela at Costco was for a three-month-supply–900 pills. Using my quality insurance, I paid just $105. This happens to be a 94% discount off the Costco retail price of $1653.80.

I don’t feel like making a big elaborate point here. I’m really lucky that I’ve wound up having the employment that I have. I shouldn’t have the right to my Renvela at $35/month while someone else who works hard would have to pay $550/month–the equivalent of a car or rent payment–for one medication.


2 thoughts on “Medications, Food, or a Roof

  1. Amen. My eyes popped when I saw what the drugs my daughter takes cost. $800 (full price) for one month of anti-emetic. I know that if you don’t have insurance, you just don’t buy the anti-emetic, and that is wrong.

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