Fun with your Fistula: Labor Day Edition

I’ve been through five dialysis sessions now: a week ago Friday and Saturday, and then the most recent Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I’ll write more about what it’s like at some point, but for now, I’d like to share a wonderful image.

WARNING: this is only for those are not squeamish and probably only for those who actually like to see graphic medical images.

This is my scarily bruised upper arm, with AV fistula.

As a reference, I had posted this comparatively tame (still gross) image of the newly moved AV fistula following my January 2009 surgery.

My nephrologist said that bruising is normal when first starting out with a fistula, although it got worse after Saturday. He’ll see it first-hand on Tuesday.

I am also a bit concerned about some issues that seem to be related to my circulation.

I am having occasional tingling in my fingers, feet, and jaw. While these are also symptoms of heart attack and stroke, I don’t have any of more serious symptoms of those things. Whatever it is, it’s almost certainly dialysis and/or fistula-related. I understand that my hand on the arm with the AV fistula may experience some numbness and tingling, but I’m not finding anything that accounts for the other tingling. I’m not terribly concerned, and I think I can wait until I’ll see my doctor Tuesday to get some answers.


2 thoughts on “Fun with your Fistula: Labor Day Edition

  1. Um… “You shoulda seen the other guy?”
    In all seriousness… that’s some extreme bruising. I’m hoping it doesn’t hurt as badly as it looks like it does. 😐

  2. Started using my fistula 10 days ago. I looks like that – if not, worse. Its just parr for the course I guess….. My Dr gave me an Rx for lidocaine cream to help with need insertion pain.

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