Potpourri for $1200

I fear that the random collection of thoughts aggregated in one post is dead now that everyone Twitters.

I am chockful of angry thoughts tonight. I just need to vent some of them.

The Philadelphia Eagles have signed Michael Vick. WTF? (I’m guessing this is, verbatim, a tweet that appears prolifically across the Twitterverse).

Senator Grasshole of Iowa said that his committee “dropped end-of-life provisions from consideration entirely because of the way they could be misinterpreted and implemented incorrectly.” Thanks to Dumb Palin America, you can pay for your end-of-life palliative care yourself. Wouldn’t want the government involved in end-of-life decisions, unless it’s Terri Schiavo’s life.

My kidneys are at 8% functioning. Today, I missed work, because my body was feeling like it was, as a whole, functioning at about 8%. I don’t have sick days to spare for days like this. It puts me in a bad worse super-shitty mood.

I’ve updated my Match.com profile. It says. “Hi, I’m Dave. My kidneys are failing, but I still know how to have a good time. My dog and I sit on the couch and watch Match Game reruns, while I play Mafia Wars on Facebook”.

I’m not sure it was clear last time I referenced my Match.com profile. I was kidding last time, and I’m kidding this time, as well. Sort-of.

Anyone ever try to read Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein? I’ve been trying to get through it for months. It’s all about how American economists wreak havoc in other places. I need to find lighter reading material.

I never bother trying to read fiction. I don’t know why.

But clearly, like I said, I don’t really spend much time trying to read in the first place.

I could write a blog solely about the incredibly stupid commercials that are run on GSN everyday. Senior citizen gets meds home delivered…so she has more time to walk “Daisy”. Because if she had to spend one hour a week going to the Walgreen’s, apparently, there would not be enough time in her very busy schedule to walk Daisy. You have to see it to know why that ad irks me so.

Yes, so many things irk me so. What doesn’t irk Toastie?

Pet pictures…I like pet pictures…here’s a view of Aremid from below…I’m in my sick bed, he’s on top of the bed…

Aremid atop bed

I have been drinking a lot of Kirkland Diet Green Tea with Citrus, even though I don’t like it. And even though nobody makes a diet green tea with citrus that is any good, because everyone who makes this stuff assumes we all want our green tea without sugar to still be sweet, so it has sucralose. But it’s only $9 for a 35-pack of half-liter bottles.

I still have my Curtis & Barnes Biology textbook from college on my bookshelf. Why? Am I planning to go to med school?

I could write a whole series of blog posts entitled, “Why do I still have THIS BOOK on my bookshelf?”

I’m done. Sometimes it’s nice to write without worrying much about the notion that this is stuff that others might be reading. Then again, it’s possible to…well, now I’ve blown it, because now I’m thinking about that, and before long, I’ll be knee-deep in that black hole known as meta-blogging. I’m done for now. Enough.


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