Religulous – 8/10

Perhaps not the best documentary ever, but it articulates my thoughts on religion in a way my mind is attuned to. Most of my friends would not agree with the points Bill Maher makes here, and I do not wish to highlight our differences now, so I’ll just keep my comments brief. While I am flummoxed by the beliefs of others, and I admire Bill Maher’s earnest stance against religious, I wish for people I know to find peace and joy in their lives however they might arrive at that.


2 thoughts on “Religulous

  1. I watched it when someone ordered it on PPV a few months back. I’d have to agree with your 8/10. I found Bill Maher’s mother to be one of the more interesting interviewees. Also, I totally thought he was about to get jumped in that truck-stop church trailer.

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