General patheity #932

I found myself tuned to the Hallmark Channel and observed the following:

Rue McLanahan: I was always proud of you!

Lisa Hartman-Black: When I won the speech contest, why did they interview YOU?

[ MUTE ]

Rue McLanahan: [ TEARS ]

Lisa Hartman-Black: [ TEARS ]

Rue McLanahan: [ HYSTERICS ]

Lisa Hartman-Black: [ HYSTERICS ]

Rue McLanahan, Lisa Hartman-Black: [ cathartic embrace ]


One thought on “General patheity #932

  1. Oh man, that’s hilarious. Thanks for the transcription. At first I read the whole dialogue without noticing your “[MUTE]”. Then I laughed harder.

    My parents watch assloads of the Hallmark Channel. I guess they could do worse. At least they’re not addicted to FOX. For a long time they watched Walker, Texas Ranger every night but mom got tired of the violence. Now they watch M*A*S*H followed by Touched by an Angel, on whatever channels those are on.

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