Maddow on Obama

Rachel Maddow pretty much sums up what I think about the presidency of Barack Obama

From Real Time with Bill Maher (7/31/09):

I feel like Obama ran as a moderate, centrist, not very revolutionary guy, and I feel like he’s governing as a moderate, centrist, not very revolutionary president, but he’s a skilled person, and he’s pursuing an agenda with sort of a moderate degree of aggression. He’s sort of a milquetoast guy who acts cautiously all the time. I didn’t expect differently from him as a candidate, but I also find that the way that he’s being attacked…is a totally unrecognizable character. People are attacking him as if he’s me.

I was ambivalent about Obama during the primaries because this is basically what I expected. I’m still disappointed, but what I find truly maddening is that the right talks about Obama like he’s Michael Moore, when he’s actually more like…Roger Moore.*

*Well, Roger Moore is a conservative, but he cares about poor people and banning foie gras. And people generally seem to be ambivalent about him, like I am about Obama. And the point is that Obama isn’t really worth anyone’s ire.


2 thoughts on “Maddow on Obama

  1. Roger Moore is a UNICEF Special Ambassador? Sorry about the non sequitur. I knew he was one of the Bonds but had to google him to place which…

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