Some movies

I’ve seen a few movies lately. I keep forgetting to put my ratings for them somewhere. I say that as if that’s something I feel I need to do. I don’t know. 20 years ago, I envisioned there’d be somewhere I’d be able to record my ratings for every movie I’d ever seen. A dozen years ago or so, there was IMDB, and that was one of the first websites I had an account on. Now there’s Flixster on Facebook. But then I get bugged about movie quizzes 18 times a day. I occasionally have blogged movie ratings just as I’d journal them 20 years ago, but ratings are made for databases, says the geek in me. And then there’s the matter of my lack of desire to offer any commentary beyond a number, since I think my film critique skills are not at all refined.

Anyway, so here’s some movies I’ve seen lately. I’m mostly looking forward to breaking out the toast GIF (that would look cooler with a transparent background, but I’m lazy)…

The Queen 9/10

Hey, it’s Farmer Hoggett as Prince Phillip! (And from Six Feet Under and 24, and he has played Presidents George H.W. Bush and LBJ).

Burn After Reading 7/10

Hey, it’s Richard Jenkins from Six Feet Under. “This is not acceptable at Hardbodies!”

Michael Clayton 8/10

Hey, it’s Merritt Wever from Nurse Jackie!

Breaking Away 7/10

Her, it’s Paul Dooley. He’s been in everything!


3 thoughts on “Some movies

  1. I kind of like rottentomatoes dot com… You can create a free account and then review what you’ve seen for later reference, and the spam was negligible. The only time I got emails was when I posted in one of their forums and opted to receive follow-up comments.

  2. Dear Toastiest,
    I was glad to see that you opened your comments because people DO read your blog and would, I am sure, like to touch base with you, especially the cat lovers these past weeks when your compassion for Meridan showed the goodness of your heart.(Where did her name come from?) I loved your photos especially of Hawaii and its sunsets and the beach since I’ve never been there. You are a good photographer. Keep it up. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

    • Thanks, B. Aremid is a he. His name comes from Days of Our Lives, on which the characters went to the mysterious town of Aremid back in 1995. (I got Aremid in 1996). Thanks for the comment on the Hawaii photos. It’s been 5 years since I’ve been there now. I certainly hope to get back someday.

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