Golf blogging!

If you have nothing to do tomorrow morning, I suggest watching The Open (formerly known as The British Open) on ABC. I used to watch golf all the time growing up, and for whatever reason, Tom Watson was my favorite golfer. I know it wasn’t because of an impeccable character or anything like that. (My favorite baseball player was Darryl Strawberry). As I’ve gotten older, I’ve watched less and less of all sports, mostly because so many pro athletes come off as self-absorbed, greedy, and arrogant. I have barely watched any golf in the past decade. While Tiger Woods’ excellence in any event generally boosts ratings, and I have little doubt that he may be the best golfer in history, watching him win a major is no fun for me, because he’s always seemed like the biggest dick in the world. I could be wrong, but Tom Watson always seemed like a good guy, Polo attire and all. Maybe it’s the gap in his teeth.

Anyway, he’s 59 now. He’s 59, and he’s freaking leading The British Open after three rounds. And he’s always grinning like he’s actually enjoying himself. He doesn’t get all pissy in that jackass-ultra-competitive “it’s no fun unless I’m #1” way like Tiger when he misses a putt.


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