Senior pet drama

Thirteen-year-old Aremid may be approaching the end of his life. I am wondering if I am being irresponsible by not taking him to the emergency vet.

Over the past 48 hours, he’s spent most of his time under the bed. He has rarely spent time there in the past. Typically, he will enthusiastically come to me when I call him. He’s remained stoically in meatloaf position under the bed when I have tried to coax him. Perhaps the most worrisome sign is that, when I have managed to get him out from under the bed, he seems to have absolutely no appetite. The treats which, in recent weeks, he had been devouring when placed in front of him, he now merely sniffs at.

He has supposedly had hyperthyroidism, but medication has not led to a needed weight gain recent months. However, he’s still been active, still getting to the top of the bookcase on occasion for food, still engaging in random sprints around the house.

Perhaps I’ll give it one more night and bring him to the emergency vet in the morning. Of course, I’ll feel awful if I’ve waited too long.

Perhaps it’s just screwy thinking on my part, but I’d so much rather he pass away at home then be put to sleep at an emergency vet clinic. But if he’s hiding under the bed, he’s probably very uncomfortable, and I’m prolonging his pain.

I know that pet illnesses that lead to loss of life can come on suddenly. 48 hours is probably 24 hours too long to have waited.

But I’m also not sure if the emergency vet would give him the best care. I think I have one of the absolutely best cat veterinarians there is, Dr. Wendy Simpson of Morrisville Cat Hospital. I’m thinking that I’ll simply drop Aremid off there on Monday morning.

Aremid (Jun 2009)
Aremid tonight, briefly coaxed out from under the bed