Below rock-bottom

I do not expect I will post in here again in the near future. While it may not seem it, I have mostly steered clear of depression-centric posts. There are few topics more awkward than someone’s “battle” with depression. It’s a battle I have never won, so there is no incentive for an audience to become invested in my accounts. I don’t know how similar depression is to other ailments as far as people who have never been afflicted by it having no idea how to deal with it in someone else. But that’s how I have experienced it for years and years. Therapists and medications have provided safety nets but no durable strategies. No one seems to know how to treat the interplay of physical disease and depression. The bottom line is that I continue to encounter new rock bottoms.

And in a clear “jump the shark” blogging episode, I will share my rock bottom experience. I do not expect comments (and they’ll be turned off) nor do I expect emails or phone calls. I don’t know if and when I will feel up to returning any communications that I might receive. I am aware that I risk alienation of whomever is left out there whom I have not yet driven away.

I do not have any recollection of recording this video back on Friday night. It will be apparent why that is the case. I probably got sick before I got around to posting it. Since my head is somewhat clearer now, it would seem imprudent to post the video now. But I’ve convinced myself I’ll get some closure out of it.

I am sorry for disappointing anyone who may have previously thought better of me.