Stupid question

I normally don’t want to touch the abortion issue, but just a stupid question.

Scott Roeder, the suspect in the killing of Dr. George Tiller, has told the AP:

I know there are many other similar events planned around the country as long as abortion remains legal.

What’s the difference between this statement and the ridiculous “ticking bomb” scenario that right-wing zealots claim as the rationale for torture? Should we not be water-boarding Mr. Roeder right now in order to get valuable information from him that would prevent imminent terrorist attacks and murder?


One thought on “Stupid question

  1. Ah, that tricky little word: “know”. Does he actually know, or just presume, or fervently believe?

    I will presume (not “know”) that this is a rhetorical question, but I had never pondered this. Somehow, I doubt the group in support of waterboarding is pro-choice. Besides, I thought folks subject to means of interrogation were hidden somewhere until the process was complete; once your crime is public and you have an attorney, it’s kind of hard for authorities to hide your body if interrogation doesn’t go well. (hmm. maybe I should lay off the Henry Rollins for a bit…)

    An aside: I saw a bumper sticker yesterday I hadn’t seen before. “If you can’t trust me with a choice, how are you going to trust me with a child?!”… from Texas.

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