3 thoughts on “My match.com profile

  1. With the exceptions of pets, illness, and marital status, you’re not that different from me or any of my friends ..but then, I tend to collect calm personalities. I wish I had something more insightful to say, but I don’t. I suppose my point is that not everyone goes for flashy and egocentric types.

    I, too, want to go to LocoPops, but have not. A real genius would partner with them for delivery service to bring their product to folks like me. lol

  2. There are LocoPops all over the place these days, and I live right down the road from one. (Not sure if they’re in Raleigh). But I just have this idea that, like the movies or The Melting Pot, one doesn’t go to Locopops alone. Locopops are meant to be enjoyed with others.

  3. I probably should state somewhere that the above is not my actual Match.com profile. My real profile is similar, but sprinkled with a few flecks of positivity.

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