Nielsen Family

The Nielsen Company has asked ME to be a “Nielsen TV Family”. I’ve been randomly selected. They even sent a $5 bill to encourage me to fill out the questionnaire. Ok, so it’s a questionnaire “to become a Nielsen TV family”. I’m not sure if I will actually become a Nielsen family.

But if I do, I promise it will be the end of mail-order adult-diaper and diabetes-supply commercials on the Game Show Network. They’ll start advertising…whatever the heck is this that I’m interested in…Barry Manilow cassette compilations…oh, wait, they already do that…(ok, they don’t, but they might as well).

But seriously, if this is the excitement I have to look forward to in my life, I’m really ****ed. Still, the POWER of being a Nielsen Family…that would be awesome…

(Note to my diabetic friends…I’m not making fun of diabetics…just Wilford Brimley…and how GSN caters to all types of people who sit on the couch all day…including myself in this demographic…)


2 thoughts on “Nielsen Family

  1. It bothers me when folks pronounce it ‘di-uh-beet-UHS’. Maybe that’s an acceptable or even proper pronunciation, but that last syllable irks me.

    I remember when we were a Nielsen family back in the early nineties. I watched the heck out of some Knots Landing that week, but I was only one person, and they canceled the series as scheduled despite my best efforts. haha

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