A Letter From Elizabeth Edwards

Cleaning out a drawer. Found one of those unopened campaign letters, specially one addressed from “Elizabeth Edwards” dated August 14, 2007. Some excerpts…

Dear David…

…John Edwards is the best candidate to represent our Democratic values in the 2008 election…

…we’re going to win the Democratic nomination by waging a smart, strategic, passionate campaign…in the Iowa caucuses…where John has been consistently leading and where his values, priorities, and detailed policies have won him high favorability…

…enabled us to…get on the air in Iowa and New Hampshire with strong TV ads emphasizing John’s leadership, optimism, and courage…

Our “road to victory” has taken some surprising turns…

We’re in this to create a better future for our country and to elect a president in whom we can trust and believe.

Thank you again for everything you’ve done thus far and for whatever you can do today.

Elizabeth Edwards

Not regretting not reading my mail in this case.

I don’t care what they did in their private lives, but the fairy-tale marriage represented by their Wendy’s-anniversary-dinners was something they made a big campaign point, so the revelations that they both participated in spreading such bullshit is disappointing.


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