Intracystic hemorrhage and other ramblings

Had a CT scan last week to shine some light into persistent new discomfort I’ve been having in one of kidneys for the past month…

Redemonstration of markedly enlarged kidneys bilaterally with innumerable
cysts throughout, compatible with clinical history of adult polycystic
kidney disease. Many of these cysts are increased in attenuation,
consistent with intracystic hemorrhage

There is not apparently a whole that can be done about this. If you have a few hundred or thousand bubbles, some of them are gonna pop from time to time. Sometimes they’ll pop quietly and without incident. Other times, they’ll pop and make a mess.

In the meantime, I’ve been coerced into doing a few minutes of public speaking in the morning regarding a software module that I have come to loathe. What’s most appalling is that I get to be identified as the lead developer of the albatross.

Here’s a random thought I’m momentarily not embarrassed to share…I have the lowest hit percentage of any man to have signed up on in the last 7 years. It’s true. They sent me an email telling me I have been awarded three free years of service since my profile has failed to appeal to one woman under forty who is pictured without a beer in hand and reads something other than Glamour. But y’all can just imagine the trainwreck of a profile that I have up there. Actually, wait, don’t people like to stop and watch train wrecks?

What other random directions can I go off on? None that I can think of.

I’ve gone through five therapies sessions in two days. I just mean that I’ve watched all five episodes of this week’s HBO masterpiece In Treatment. We should all be so lucky as to get 30 minutes a week with Dr. Paul Weston. I think the second season is probably almost over. I’m seeing lots of commercials for the return of Entourage. I can’t stand the punks on that show. I hope episode one ends with the whole entourage driving off the Verranzano Bridge and drowning.

Inadvertently landed on the Today show blog on MSNBC today. Bunch of heart-warming stories of kidney donations. No one’s ever going to give a kidney to a guy who would wish the brutal deaths of the lovable Entourage gang.

Inadvertently read about people who were on dialysis so long as to use up all viable access points, and thus they died. And this is why I don’t go to support groups, because I don’t ever want to read about shit like that.