Primary care recommendations?

Virtually every recommendation I have received for a primary care physician in the past six months has been a dead-end. I’m always hearing, “He/she is not accepting new patients at this time” or “We (entire clinic/practice) are not accepting new patients at this time”.

Every time I have a major problem not related to a condition I already see a specialist for, I wind up going to Urgent Care, which is fine for treating conditions that affect me in the short-term, but is useless for trying to manager my long-term well-being.

A year ago, I thought I had this problem solved by going to a new physician at one of the local Duke clinics. But he was an intern, devoid of bedside manner and insistent on following through on irrelevant treatments while ignoring what he didn’t know how to treat. The full-time staff at this clinic were “not accepting new patients”.

So, at the risk of adding to the list of recent disappointments, can anyone recommend a Durham general practitioner or internist…a physician or a PA?


One thought on “Primary care recommendations?

  1. Dr. Susan Blackford at Duke (N. Roxboro) is really great. I’ve been to her for about seven years, mostly for physicals, with a few other minor things. She seems very smart, perceptive and no-nonsense. I hope she’s taking patients!

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