I Got Nothin’

Two of my favorite daily blog reads, Barry’s locally-grown Dependable Erection and ex-CNN-producer Chez’s NYC-based Deus Ex Malcontent have been on hiatus of late.

For my part (and not to claim that I have anywhere near the wit and insight of those two blogs), I’ve got nothing to say here.

I don’t trust that I have anything penetrating to say about politics or the state of the world or pop culture.

I’m not going to write about my health everyday. I realize I’m not the only person in the world who’s sick, and sometimes I’m ashamed that I, at all, call attention to my infirmities.

I have no cryptic toastchees or croutons. I say “cryptic” because the videos are usually about four or five threads removed from what I’m really thinking about.

I’ve been too lazy to find the good camera batteries for my camera so I can even take decent pictures of my pets; thus I post camera pics and webcam pics…and just so there is something mildly amusing up on here.

I’ve got a lot on my mind but nothing for here.


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