You are now officially part of the economic downturn

My employer sent out a communication essentially declaring that we are f*cked much like everyone else, and it’s my impression (and has always been my impression) that building new shit still takes precedence over paying people.

While it’s still arguably a “stable” place to be employment-wise, I aspire to something more in a career than stability. (This being said, I won’t actually be surprised if, at any time, I am told that my job is going away. I do not trust any evidence that might point to the security of my job).

It’s probably easy to generate an “at least you have a job” reaction from my whining. I actually think be canned from my job could be a blessing right about now, although I will not going into why. I do know, and I feel quite emphatically, that when I am told at work that we have to “start doing more with less” as a way to potentially preserve our jobs, this is really a no-win situation, as whoever decides to ultimately cut a job doesn’t have the foggiest clue what is needed to do more or do less about anything.

I think that just made me sound like an asshole; I don’t care.


2 thoughts on “You are now officially part of the economic downturn

  1. Doesn’t make you sound like an asshole at all, IMHO, but I was laid off three times in three years and then went to work for a

    “Doing more with less” in the working world generally means “squeeze more hours out of people who are on salary even if it means that your employees have no life, family or good health.”

  2. Yes, and “doing more with less” also means that customers have been just quietly peeved and not vocally irate while employees haven’t quit or had breakdowns, so clearly things are swell, and conditions can deteriorate some more, and things will still be swell.

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