Toastie Plays The Blog Tag Game III

Except this time, the tagging was done on Facebook. I was asked to list 25 random things about me. I had already done the same exercise twice in this blog in the past year. So I just copied ten items from March 24, 2008 and six from November 30, 2008. That left me with nine more original items to come up with…

17. My first car was a 1986 Carolina-blue Chrysler LeBaron (sedan, not the pretty convertible); I bought it in December 1992 and probably ordered New Jersey personalized plates – “DUKE 97”

18. I took my prom date to Tavern on the Green in New York City’s Central Park. She was not impressed. “I hope we’re not going for a carriage ride, because I don’t like them,” she said. We didn’t, but I had been planning on it.

19. When I was around seven, my family ridiculed me on a car trip to the Poconos because I said that the mountains “looked like scenery”. Until that point, I had thought scenery only meant fake art resembling landscapes, used on TV and in plays.

20. I have kept some sort of journal since February 1989. For the first few years, I wrote as if the whole world would be reading it years later.

21. I hate having a last name that most people pronounce incorrectly. I hate that I myself know I don’t enunciate it well when I have to give it out to others.

22. Since my father was adopted by his step-father but he considers his paternal family to be his birth-father’s family, my surname doesn’t mean a whole lot to me.

23. I didn’t vote in any election until 2000. (I was 24 years old).

24. I have a recurring dream or element of a dream in which I am still in high school or college and know I am about to fail a final exam or similarly embarrassed because I have been missing class all semester.

25. I desperately want a girlfriend, a serious long-term relationship with a woman that leads to a partner for life. I want this more than anything. This may be quite obvious…but maybe it’s not. And so I’m just stating it for the record. I realize items 1-24 offer ample explanation as to why I may be coming up short in achieving my goal.


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