Crouton du Jour No. 38: Collector’s Edition

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Toastchees have gone the way of George W. Bush. The crouton du jour was a… um…popular feature on the old Toastie Radio, a term used to denote a very special song that Toastie played lots and lots in the playlist. While it seemed like a good idea to have a new one every day, the crouton du jour was more weekly or monthly in nature].

Zero snark…that Soap Opera Digest cover…it’s a collectible, dammit, and here’s why:

Presumed-dead Marlena finds her way back to Salem, circa 1991, only to find RoJohn (John Black went several years thinking he was actually Roman Brady…it was all Stefano DiMera’s* doing) engaged to somebody else!

* DIMERA backwards =


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