New Year’s Brain Cloud / Conan on Hyundais

Has anyone ever had the experience of their brain completely certain that an event was occurring on a particular day, when, in reality, the event was to occur several days later?

I had been certain I had a potluck I was missing back on Thursday. This morning, I learned the potluck is on Sunday. Every listing of the even in email and elsewhere confirms this. Yet, my brain read “New Year’s”, meant as a generic descriptor, as “New Year’s Eve”.

Anyway, I still have a Crock-Pot dish to make for Sunday, now.

And today, I’ll drive my Hyundai Elantra rental around on a day off to possibly look at some Honda Fits. I went to Carmax yesterday and got a few ideas. I actually like the Hyundai, although I was taken aback watching Conan O’Brien last night (a rerun) when he made a crack about men who drive Hyundais. I shall Google it…

From Late Night with Conan O’Brien:

According to a new study that just came out, men who have heated seats in their cars may be reducing the amount of sperm their testicles produce. Of course, guys who drive a Hyundai shouldn’t worry because nobody wants your sperm anyways.

– 09.08.08


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