Crappy Prius

I have an automobile emergency (well, it’s safely parked in the driveway; just doesn’t start), and I’ve been trying for an hour to call the nearby repair shop that often gets recommended. Unfortunately, I keep getting a recording:

“Lines are temporary busy”.

I do not want to deal with a Toyota dealership and paid twice as much as the parts and service needed warrant. I finally want to give this local shop some business, and their phone line is screwed up.

So much for a Crock-pot surprise. I don’t really have the time or mindset to deal with it. I’ll have to do the lame thing and go to Costco or Whole Foods and get something that someone else made for this potluck I’m going to later.

I’m being facetious with my subject. My Prius has been mostly great. I’ve taken pretty crappy care of it.


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