Crappy Prius (really)

It really is a crappy Prius. I do not know the details yet and won’t until at least Monday. My 2002 Prius had some sort of electrical short which completely drained the battery, according to the mechanic I had the car towed to today. The special hybrid battery probably isn’t under warranty anymore and will cost a couple grand to replace. Even if the worst-case scenario does not come to pass, the fix is liable to be expensive. I will seriously contemplate purchasing another vehicle over the next few days.

I’m renting a car tomorrow. I did a search and then Pricelined for a few dollars a day lower. I kinda need to get around, especially considering I’m taking Friday off from work, and in less than two weeks, I’ll be having surgery which will render my unproductive for who-knows-how-long. I need for the next couple of weeks to be productive, so I need a vehicle.

I’m off to a New Year’s thing now. I will briefly try to forget that I just went through a year in which my grandmother passed away and I went through three surgeries, and that I’ll be entering a year in which my body is likely to deteriorate further and absolutely nothing about anything gets at all easier.

I’ll have happy thoughts some other time. I realize the fact that I refer to a Prius as crappy says just about everything you need to know about me…


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