Toastchee #37: Julia

Ormond. She’s in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which I saw today and perhaps will say something more about some other time. For now, I’m reminded of how much I enjoyed her in the 1995 film Sabrina. I have not seen the original with Audrey Hepburn, and I even if I did, I wouldn’t dare try to compare them. In any event, I was listening to an old mix tape in my car, and it had the lovely theme from Sabrina, as composed by the legendary John Williams.

I envy the talent of the guy playing in this clip. If I knew how to play like this, I’d try to get a job playing piano in a Nordstrom’s. Seriously. There’s a potential answer to that horrible question that people ask, “What would you do if you could do anything?” There. I’d play piano in a Nordstrom’s. Heck, I’d settle for playing piano in a Marshall’s.


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