Silent Night Not

This post is not in the spirit of the holiday season. It’s just a post to vent so I can go back to trying to relax, which I have not been able to do for the past three hours or so.

My neighbors across the street have insisted on playing their stereo with bass and party-level tonight. Until ten minutes ago, they had the front door open. I’d have tried to comfort with myself with the thought that “it’s Christmas”, but the fact is that they were doing this because it’s sixty-something degrees outside and they have consistently behaved as if they’re the only ones on the block with rights worth considering.

These are not apartments. They are not renters. They are homeowners I’ll potentially have to live near for several years to come. I know from other behavior that the slightest hint that I am pissed at them will make me their enemy for life.

This is similar to the problem I have at work and the street music…except I’m HOME. I’m off from work. This is supposed to be my turf. But my bleeping neighbors don’t care.

Even now, with that front door closed, the thumping is constant. The fact that there are three children in the house makes it all the more upsetting, because these kids are learning that this is acceptable.

12:30 in the morning now. No change. The kids are 3, 6, and 12. It’s a party over there.

Whenever I feel like I need to have earplugs to have peace in my own home, I feel like I’ve picked a shitty place to call home.

I was pretty much fine sitting home on a night typically associated with togetherness. But my tolerance for this stereo shit is zero.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night, except for my neighbors. I hope their power goes out.


One thought on “Silent Night Not

  1. “Noise isn’t simply a nuisance; it’s harmful. Excessive noise is associated with increased blood pressure, headaches, low frustration tolerance, ringing ears, and loss of sleep, and it affects sexual activity and student learning. Noise levels above 70 decibels increase the risk of heart attacks by 70 percent. Twenty-eight million Americans currently suffer from hearing loss.”

    I say call the non-emergency line every time. Recently I researched the noise ordinances and effective hours; I wish I could find that list I stumbled upon that shows the decibel rating of two dozen known noises (from refrigerator hum and hair dryer to transfer truck driving by 20 feet away, etc.)… Basically, if you’re in your house with your doors shut and can hear it, it’s too freaking loud. I try to be a good neighbor, and can tolerate it from any one household on the block for about half an hour, and then I call ’em in. Their behavior is obnoxious, and if they get called on it enough, either their behavior will change or they will move away.
    I mean, really, who cares if you’re their enemy, when they’ve already become yours by their nasty behavior?? I’m just saying you’re looking at it from the wrong POV… Blaring music at all hours of the day/night is *offensive* behavior. It’s not like you’re crossing the street to kick their dog. You’re *defending* your home, health, and peace.

    Response rant off.

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