Toastie Offensive to the Mii Community

On the “Check Mii Out Channel”, which I recently discovered, I kept getting an error message every time I tried to set my main Mii as the artisan I’d use on the Mii Out Channel.

I could not find a solution to this error message anywhere on the internet:

This Mii Artisan’s nickname cannot be used in the Check Mii Out Channel. Choose another Mii or change this Mii’s nickname in the Mii Channel to continue.

The implication is that the nickname is already used by someone else and, therefore, cannot be used. I created a new Mii with a new name just to try to get passed this error. No such luck.

I kept missing the note that says “your Mii has to be visible to users worldwide”, which means, although the usually-way-too-literal Wii fails to tell you, the Mii is not to set to be able to “mingle”. Maybe it’s obvious to everyone else. Took me a while to figure this out, though.

…except I didn’t figure it out. I assumed it would work now, but nope. Maybe ‘toastie’ is actually offensive. I had tried a friend’s Mii with a normal name, and it took, so Wii can’t be looking for unique names.

I’ll call my new Mii ‘Dave’ and see if that works…

Yup. So “Toastie” is offensive, apparently.

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