Holiday Music

I have been irritated to the point of insanity by what sounds like the constant playing of low-frequency tuning forks here at work. Doors slamming, endless chatter, all of the usual suspects are noises I have gotten used to. What’s getting to me at work is actually the music playing outside–it doesn’t matter what is playing (holiday music or smooth jazz, typically), it all produces the same underlying tones–and there’s no chance building management will do anything about it. I seem to be the only person willing to complain about this noise, which others say they barely notice. I seem especially hypersensitive to it. Knowing little about physics and acoustics, I suspect messing with one level of an equalizer would probably alleviate my problem without anyone else noticing a decline in outdoor sound quality.

Other than getting good noise-canceling headphones, is there any way to cope with this? I’ve tried water fountain noise and fan noise. The best solution thus far has been to go to a website that generates white noise. Ideally, I probably need my own personal white noise generator. But it’s maddening that I should need one.

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