Toastchee #32: Brief Rumination On Purpose-Seeking

From one of those old journal entries from a long, long time ago…

Subject: I need a purpose

That’s all. A passion. A purpose. Whatever. I like the shirt I’m wearing today. This is just a random comment. I will write stream-of-consciousness while I kill some of the 100 minutes I have left this afternoon. Nifty shirt, really. Long-sleeve, button-down, verticals stripes in several tones of blue, some cream color. I know not how to describe anything. […] I have no idea what my “style” is these days. I used to dress well in high school and early in college, when Mom still bought my clothes. As grueling as those trips to the outlet mall with her were, she did delight in finding good deals on clothes that looked good on me. And she knew colors, which I never have, since I have red-green colorblindness [did I ever mention that]. […] Stupidest lyric ever-Sometimes the snow comes down in June, sometimes the sun goes round the moon

No one will ever read a long ramble if it is not broken down into paragraphs.

Why do I care if anyone reads? Oh, Dave, we’ve been through this before. Well, remind me. Hmmm…it’s nice not to think one’s life is lived in a vacuum. I don’t need feedback. I just feel so desperately alone, and anything I can do to counter that is useful, even an incoherent ramble such as this.

Nothing on tap tonight or for the weekend, other than […] to celebrate […]’s birthday.

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