Season For Giving: A Pitch For The Dogs

I was very happy to see that Amanda Arrington won a 2008 Citizen Awards from The Independent. Amanda is the founder and director of the Coalition to Unchain Dogs based here in Durham, and she’s a most worthy recipient of this recognition.

I’ve mentioned the Coalition a bunch of times over the past year and a half. I have put some work in on a tiny number of the nearly 150 fences they’ve built, but I have hardly been a model volunteer. Since I seem to get stuck in a pattern of getting completely inadequate amounts of sleep during the week, I routinely sleep in until a ridiculous hour on Sundays, when all that’s required is that one rolls out of bed to head usually no more than a couple of miles to a fence-building location around Durham. If I could get up, I typically have a bum leg or arm or back or other malady that makes me pretty useless, although I have been assured I am welcome nonetheless. It is really difficult for me, though, to be involved in something I care about yet not really be pulling my weight. I wish I had lots of extra cash to donate; that would at least be something. But that well has been dry of late.

So…I don’t like to ask for things, but if you’re reading this, please give some consideration to dropping some change into the donation jar for the Coalition to Unchain Dogs. (Or buy a Coalition holiday ornament). There are hundreds of sweet dogs needing a new lease on life, which they’ll get when the Coalition can get them off their chains and in fenced-in yards. Whatever you can spare will be greatly appreciated.

This little plea is just me going rogue. If my sales pitch is unseemly, don’t hold it against the Coalition or the dogs. Thanks.


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