Toastchee #31: Let’s Go Get The Shit Kicked Out Of Us


(by love)

I was just watching my favorite DVD as background while I attend to more unpleasant business on the laptop. I generous watch the film in English. No English version on YouTube, and I’m not about to start pirating DVDs myself.

If anyone has even a fair opinion of this film, I highly recommend obtaining the DVD to take a look at the deleted scenes. Usually, it’s obvious why scenes have been deleted. In the case of these scenes, the director just had to cut stuff so as not to have a three-and-a-half hour romantic comedy. I’d love to see a three-and-a-half-hour director’s cut of this film.

One thought on “Toastchee #31: Let’s Go Get The Shit Kicked Out Of Us

  1. Charming! Romantic comedies are awfully powerful, and sometimes I can’t stand seeing them (much depends on my current state of mind/heart).

    I have never see Love, Actually (and it took me a devil of a time to figure out what that movie was because I’m not great at that kind of thing). But I might give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

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