Kidney Stones, Moles, and Kittens, Oh, My!

Flashback to last February’s Adventures With Kidney Stones…

So I was basically in bed with this horrible pain, because I had this massive kidney stone stuck in me that wasn’t going to pass, and it was shutting down one of my kidneys completely. Out of the blue, I received a Facebook message from a high school acquaintance. At first, I was pleased. She was someone who seemed nice enough but never had seemed to want to talk to me. She offered up an explanation as to why that was the case.

Me and Kitten Z

…You won’t laugh or maybe you will.  I actually didn’t like the moles on your face. lol  Isn’t that stupid?  My friend ——– was over today…She just recently had 2 large moles removed from her face for cancer prevention and well, she didn’t laugh when I shared with her my thought about you.  I am most certainly over my “mole-phobia” now, but yep…that was the deal.

I recall you always being a very courteous and nice person back then. I hope that you have remained the same….

I replied something to the effect that I had once been a courteous and nice person, but not so much anymore, and that I didn’t want to hear from her ever again.

Her comments would’ve been easy to dismiss had it not actually been the case that I spent my entire childhood and earlier adulthood certain that my super-mole-plagued face was indeed a plague that scared people off. It is true, as I had been told, that moles fade as one ages. These days, I have plenty of more significant deformatities to concern myself with. But, shit, it’s always been something.

I really do have a convoluted way of communicated that I haven’t been in a very good mood of late, don’t I? I haven’t been. I wish I could write in here just how how bad it’s been and why, but I can’t. And so I conjure up old stories, upon which the statute-of-limitations has expired.

Pic is from 11 years and 1 month ago, by the way. Despite my revulsion of the guy in the shot, that four-week-old kitten is sure cute.

And just to illustrate that there’s a glimmer of happy alive in me, here’s a shot of Zellouisa from 11 years later, taken a couple of months ago…

Zellouisa Cat Napping - 09-07-08

4 thoughts on “Kidney Stones, Moles, and Kittens, Oh, My!

  1. I can think of lots of reasons why one might get a message like yours. Most don’t require driving the other person away, but some might.

    I’m not you, but if I were, I think I’d try to re-establish communication with the person.

  2. I’m with you Joseph. I’m certainly not you, Dave, and make no judgements as far as whatever you decide… but some time has passed, and an open conversation with this person might be really good in unexpected ways.

    …not that you asked for advice. So, again, no judgements.

  3. The person is this story is actually irrelevant. Based on the remainder of the contents of her communication, her interest in saying hello in 2008 was as superficial as her reluctance to say anything 15 years earlier. A fair amount of people I don’t wish to speak to again warrant a revisiting of my stance now and again, but not this particular individual.

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