Toastie Flashback: July 27, 2004

Wow. Clinton was awesome last night speaking to Democrats, but Obama was brilliant in speaking to all Americans. I’m not a positive person for the most part, and it takes a lot for a positive message to overcome my cynicism of the syrupy and the cliched. I loved his refrain that we are the United States of America. No one can claim Bush is a uniter, not now. Obama will be a VP or presidential candidate someday…

(7/27/04 LJ post: “Obama”)

UPDATEOh, and this is why Americans mostly claim not to have heard of Obama until sometime last year:

Because the networks are showing Amazing Race and Law & Order:SVU, millions of Americans are never going to hear Barack Obama’s amazing speech. And they’re not going to learn about embyronic stem cell research from Ron Reagan’s powerful presentation. And they have no f’n clue what’s going on in the world. It’s f’n appalling. And CNN runs a news crawl that includes such tidbits that Jenny McCarthy has a new sitcom coming, as if people who are watching are going to be bored lest they have garbage news to distract them. I’m so inspired by all that I see from Boston on the stage and in the crowds, and I have to believe that there are millions of Americans who would be, too, if only they were watching. But the news media and the powers that be that control them and the indifferent Americans they cater to, they all disgust me.

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