you’ve gotta have gout

g_o_u_t.jpgno, you don’t really have gout. just a play on my entry title from two posts ago. my toe problem is almost certainly gout, not a fracture, said the podiatrist with four decades of experience. (in other words, the residents/interns/whatever i see at the internal medicine practice don’t know jack about anything. four weeks ago, they couldn’t be bothered to order an x-ray or a uric acid bloodtest. i won’t be going back there). foot doc says my achilles tendinitis may very well have been a manifestation of gout, even if that’s not a popular place to have a gout attack.

people with pkd have a propensity to get gout. it’s certainly not from feasting on livers, brains, and sweetbreads.

someone said to me, ‘you’re too young to have gout!’ i hate when people say stuff like that, because, ya know, i’m trying NOT to feel too sorry for myself, so i tend not to think that it sucks that i’m so YOUNG, but rather that it’s a new challenge that i embrace and something i will learn from! yeah, right…

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