you’ve gotta have dirt

Ok, it’s silly not to type with caps. But I like subjects without caps. So I had this 30-ft tall dead tree in my backyard ever since I’ve lived in the house. I didn’t really realize it was dead until after I had made plans to buy this house as-is. The tree could’ve easily fallen on to the neighbor’s house, or mine, and insurance doesn’t cover damage from fallen dead trees that you knew were dead. So I decided that, after a whole year of home ownership, my first major improvement would be to get rid of the tree.

I didn’t shop around too much. I got one ridiculously high quote. I got one quote from a service recommended on a local list-serv. I went with that one. On the phone with the service’s owner this morning, I was intrigued to hear that they could probably clear away the wasteland that has been my backyard for what I thought was a very reasonable rate. The owner went into a bunch of details of what could be done, but I couldn’t understand him through a cell phone connection and his thick accent. I got myself home to talk to him in person. It appeared they had already commenced the yard clean-up. But it was looking really good. I told him to go ahead with it. I couldn’t stick around, but I trusted they’d do a good job.

Well, they did a good job of uprooting every living thing within the perimeter of my backyard with the exception of a few trees that dot my property line. I basically have a field of dirt in the backyard. It’s quite impressive. The problem is, I really thought we had been on the same page that it was the area beyond the lousy chicken-wire fence (about three-fifths of the backyard) that I wanted “cleaned up”, and I assumed “cleaned up” meant that piles of leaves and debris would be cleaned up and a walking area created between the rear of my house and the back alley. No, “cleaned up” meant obliterating everything.

I’ve been told this might be for the best. Now I can landscape however I’d like. But I have no money for landscaping. I had no money for this backyard gutting. So I think I’ll be stuck with a dirt/mud pit for awhile. The guy did take a couple hundred dollars off the bill due to the misunderstanding. I would actually recommend him, but I’ll just share his name privately with anyone who’s interested.

I’ll need to show some before-and-after (and, ideally, someday, after-after) pics.


3 thoughts on “you’ve gotta have dirt

  1. To heck with the grass. I say find some moss you like and plant it. As long as you’re not allergic… No mowing, no weedeating… it doesn’t require insane amounts of water to keep it pretty… and it feels really good under bare feet. Also, you don’t have to invest in anything more than a used blender, some plain yogurt, and a handful of pilfered spores. MOSS OR BUST! lol

  2. An afterthought:
    “No, “cleaned up” meant obliterating everything.”

    Don’t tell me you’ve never seen Jean Reno and Natalie Portman in ‘Leon’. In some social circles, cleaning means exactly that! 😀

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